Day 8: FULFILLMENT – An Unchangeable Core

Today l’ll delve into a topic I should have treated long before now. I have delayed in addressing this topic probably because I think I need as much help and direction here as I can get. So here I won’t be giving direction, I’ll be stating what I have realized to be the truth.

As humans we desire a sense of stability, a sense of control. A calmness that comes from being confident in the knowledge of direction of things in general.

However, the world we find ourselves in isn’t only constantly changing but rapidly at that. We frequently need to change, adapt, we need to be flexible and adjust to whatever conditions we encounter. That’s the only way we can survive.

The key to manage this change is to be hinged on the Unchangeable God, our Father and the Creator of the whole universe. A complete assurance in who you are in Christ Jesus provides the peace of mind to constantly change to accomodate the craziness of the world.

Being a logic biased person myself, it took sometime for me to accept the fact that there are some parts of the human nature that can not be explained by science or physical laws but need divine assistance in understanding. Man is a Spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body. I’ll repeat that. Man is a Spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body.

The journey of faith is an all-important one which we all must make individually. Men of God should be seen as important guides on this journey and not necessary shortcuts. You must find God for yourself and when you do, you must continually seek and merit His help.

God help us all. Enjoy your weekend.

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Day 7: FULFILLMENT – Sacrifice For Your Dream

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming“…. John Wooden

Hello there. Hope you had a great day?

An important habit to cultivate in the pursuit of one’s dreams is depriving oneself of unimportant activities. Time wasters I’ll call them.

We all have different ones, mine is surfing the net (I’m like an information blackhole) and also comedy (I’ll let you steal my time if you can make me laugh).

You can’t give your best in your pursuit of your dreams without sacrificing these time wasters and any other habit you know might jeopardize your chances of achieving your dreams.

The creepy thing about time wasters is that they most times don’t seem like what they are. You could very well justify spending hours upon hours surfing Linda Ikeji’s blog. Telling yourself how important knowing what the latest development in her fight with Wizkid is. But you can always run a check and if that act is taking you no closer to your goals, dump it.

There should be time for relaxing but it is only relaxing after you have accomplished something, otherwise, it’s just time wasting.

Your mission is important, it is everything and it requires you devoting your time, talent and resources to it.

Do have a lovely night rest.

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Day 6: FULFILLMENT – Is The Fear That Big?


Hello there. Hope you had a great day. I’ve got this weather forecasting app on my phone and everyday for the past two weeks, it’s been predicting “heavy downpour” for the next day. I don’t think I understand what “heavy downpour” is anymore.

It is well.

Just yesterday I discovered one of the most beautiful quotes in the world; “If success was easy and failure was hard, men we know as successes today would rather fail”.

As ridiculous as that might sound, it is true on all levels. Where most people are ok doing things the easy way, successes seek out the challenging path and determine to follow through to the end.

They have fears as well, they simply have learnt how to subdue them.

Fear of the unknown, fear of what friends would say, fear of losing, these are some of the major mental restrains that some can’t seem to break away from.

What they probably don’t understand is this; give up to a fear today and it’ll be back tomorrow, only now it is 5 times scarier. If however,  you confront that fear today, if for any reason it comes back tomorrow, it will be 10 times more amusing.

Whats more? It will be myopic and generally selfish of you to think your decision to draw back into your shell affects you alone. Imagine how many people would have been employed and by extension how many families would have had a source of livelihood only if you founded that company. How many people would have been inspired and lives changed only if you pursued that dream of yours.

People are counting on you. Destinies are tied to yours. Even if you don’t mind letting yourself down, they can’t afford to be let down.

Whenever I’m about starting a new project, bouts of fear of failing run through my system. I have however developed an approach of always “starting scared”. I take a step in the direction I need to go and the rate at which whatever fears I had initially withers never ceases to amaze me.

So get in the ring with that fear. Deal the first blow and watch how it rapidly shrinks away. Even if you are scared, start scared.

Till tomorrow, stay blessed.

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Day 4: FULFILLMENT – Money and Your Purpose

Your work is not your job. Your job is what they pay you to do, your work is what you were born to do“….Myles Munroe

Hello there. Hope you had a great day?

Yesterday, we realised that “your purpose is where your passion meets your talent” and it’s what you’ll gladly do over and over again if money is not an issue.

Well, money is an issue. Considering the economic times we are in Nigeria, money is kind of a big deal.

So how do you ensure you do what makes you happy and is equally financially rewarding?

The trick is in not focusing on how much you stand to gain moneywise . You can’t be happy in whatever you are doing if you let money rule you, it’s really that simple. Money can be thought of as an energy form, and when you give up all your power to it, it will drain you. If you however see it for what it truly is and concentrate on what you are meant to do in the world and how valuable you are, doors would open.

You can guess what else would come along with great opportunities from those doors, yes, more money.

Times are tough, petrol is presently N200 per litre at filling stations, the dollar now exchanges for N320, but you cant let these factors control you.

You must realise that if what you achieve in your chase after money, fits other people’s definition of success but not your own, and if it leaves you feeling empty and far from your best self then it’s not success but sadness and disappointment.

My point? Don’t chase after money. Chase after fulfilling your purpose then money would surely chase after you.

Till tomorrow. Stay blessed.

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Day 3: FULFILLMENT – You Were Made for a Purpose II

Hello. Hope your Sunday was blissful? UP MANU!!!!! We won our match against Everton today by a lone goal. Yes, I’m a Manchester United fan and I’m so glad the Red devils are back. Lol.

That was on a lighter note. Let’s continue from where we stopped yesterday shall we?

How do I discover my life’s purpose? You’ve had this question asked several times before. You’ve gotten various answers prescribing different means and methods to realize what you were created to accomplish. You’ve tried out some of these methods but, try as you may you always finish up with a purpose just as vague as when you started.

I’ll get to the reason why that is but first, I need you to complete a task.

Tear a sheet of paper. Go ahead, tear it. Pick up a pen and write in capital letters ” IF MONEY WAS TOTALLY OUT OF THE PICTURE, WHAT WOULD I BE HAPPY DOING OVER AND OVER AGAIN?” .

Take sometime to think about that, then go ahead to pen down your response. That right there is your purpose. Yes, that is what you are meant to do.

Now obviously that has to be something important. Watching TV cannot be your life purpose. I was chatting with a friend sometime ago and her response to a question I asked was ” my talent is sleeping “. ” I’m just too good at it ” she continued. In her defence, she had the silliest of looks on her face so I wasn’t expected to take her seriously. Funny as that might sound, working towards fulfilling your purpose would be more enjoyable than sleeping or even watching TV.

If you do your soul searching well, you’ll find out that your purpose is where your passion meets your talent.

Now let’s correct a common misconception that has left several confused over the years

“You’ll obviously be really talented in your area of purpose”.

That my friend is not always true. Don’t be misled into thinking if a field is where you are made to function, you don’t have to go through the learning process. You are bound to experience some fails in the initial stages.

I know a lot of doctors whose passion is saving lives. None of them could do what they love doing today without going through a very rigorous educational system.

Yes, you have a passion for it. Yes, you are talented at it, but once you discover the void you are meant to fill, you need to start shaping and sharpening yourself to fill it.

Now to the question I know you’ve been wanting to ask. How does money come into the picture?

I’ll be going there next. Wishing you are great week ahead
Till tomorrow, stay blessed.

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FULFILLMENT – You Were Made for a Purpose


We detect rather than invent our mission in life“… Viktor Frankl

Hi there! Hope you had some solid rest time today? Weekends are golden if you ask me.

When I was much younger I remember telling my Mum “I want to be an Aeronautical Engineer”. Sometime later it was “I want to be a pilot”. I guess the concept of flight boggled me. It still does.

As the years went by, I changed career choices and aspirations almost as frequently as I changed my underwear. I even remember one time, Dad was driving to the store to get groceries for the house, younger me glanced up at him from the passenger sit and said “Daddy, I want to become a footballer” which is quite funny considering the fact that I suck at football (I always get picked last, most times just to complete the numbers). Dad took his eyes off the road for a brief second, smiled and said “concentrate on your studies for now”. Thank God.

It took some years later for me to realise not just what I want to do but more importantly, what I’m meant to do.

The truth is that many peeps don’t know what they are meant to do with their lives. Even after schooling and getting a job, they basically get into the robotic routine of work, make money and pay bills, only to get frustrated as the years go by.

We are created equal but like ICs (integrated circuits) we have being programmed differently by the creator. These codes we carry determine how we are meant to function. There’s a void in the world you have been programmed specially to fill. As long as you neglect this duty, that emptiness you feel deep within you is going nowhere.

You were meant to do much more than pay bills. You were made for a purpose and you must be taking steps towards attaining it. Maybe not giant leaps for now but atleast baby steps. As long as they are in the direction of that yearning in your heart, each step would be fulfilling.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing on how to discover your purpose. Till then stay blessed.

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FULFILLMENT (The Home Comes First)

Siblings. Dad and Mom were yet to catch the selfie bug. lol

Yo! Yo! Yo! April is here and I don’t know if you can tell but I’m freaking excited. I didn’t fall for any silly prank today. Kept my guard up all through. Now I’m doing all the laughing while listening to pranks some peeps fell for. MTN wanted to ruin it by reminding customers after they drop their calls with “Today is April 1st, believe no story, trust nobody”. Who send una?

So a quater of the year is gone already. I hope your SMART goals are still in sight and much closer than they were at the start of the year. Congratulations on the goals already achieved. You gave everything required and held on even when it didn’t seem like it. How do I know this you ask? Simple, nothing good comes easy. Keep the fire burning.

This month of April, I’ll be sharing with you something I’ve compiled over the years. Have you ever achieved a goal you set and still feel unsatisfied at the end?  Have you ever fell short of that feeling of fulfilment? Have you ever asked yourself “what does it take to be fulfilled in life”? Then this series is for you.
I’ve titled this series Fulfillment and since it’s April the hashtag #AprilFullwithOlawaleIpadeola would be used on social media. Fell free to share with a friend (or enemy), I assure you they’ll thank you for it.

Let’s get started shall we.

Day 1: FULFILLMENT – The Home comes First

It is important to start from here although many would argue that in the journey towards fulfilment in life, the first step is discovering one’s purpose of creation.

Realising the reason you were created is important but regardless of what that is,  your home should not suffer. I know you have great dreams and aspirations, you have heights you want to attain and records you want to shatter, that’s commendable, but none of that should come at the detriment of the home.

The home, an essential building block of human society is the primary institution of learning and should be handled as such. Don’t go making all the impact in the world while neglecting the one thing no one can handle for you,  your home.

Before you are the MD of that bank, you are first a husband and father. You are first a wife and a mother before you are the CEO of that multinational.

A yoruba adage which translates to the following comes to mind; a child not raised with the right values would one day destroy one’s legacy (believe me that sounds a whole lot better in its original form).

There’s a certain kind of peace that comes from knowing that your legacy is secured and continuity is assured.

If you have a home of yours already I beg of you, don’t get caught up in the craze that is “cash hunt” thinking that can be a substitute for your love and guidance. It won’t. Failure at home can not be redeemed by exceeding success at work.
If you are yet to have one of yours, it’s never too early to start planning. Resolve to put your family first.

Work to succeed at home first even if that requires you working twice as hard.

See you tomorrow, till then stay blessed.